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We are very excited to be introducing the titles of our 2016 Literary Season’s program!


Line Papin : L’éveil / Awakening   Debut novel!          



Rights sold to Spain (Alianza)

Set in the overheated city of Hanoi, this is the universal story of an awakening youth, lost in tender and tumultuous games. The characters are two boys and two girls, of whom we slowly discover the age and faces, the madness and tenderness. A love story both fragile and strong, sensual and painful, in which the heroines only face the town’s tumult, drunk on wine, and hide in the protective bedroom shadows.

"A romantic voice like Duras, the delicacy of an astonishing maturity, disenchanted poetry."  ELLE

Luc Lang : Au commencement du septième jour / On The Seventh Day


4 am, the phone rings. Thomas learns from a police phone call that his wife has been in a critical car accident, on a road she wasn’t supposed to be on. A relentless investigation begins, during which he will discover buried family secrets, like abysses beneath his feet. From Paris to Le Havre, from the Pyrenees to Sub-Saharan Africa, Thomas is swept away by a race in storms, crossing intimate territories and distant geographies.

“We hear, we see, we live the characters like in real time, as much as we read them. The writing matches their breathing.”  Télérama



Françoise Cloarec : L’indolente, Le mystère Marthe Bonnard / The Indolent Woman, The Mystery of Marthe Bonnard



Who is Marthe Bonnard? Forever young, often naked, we see her in the paintings of the world’s finest museums, and yet she remains a mystery. She is concealed by the light of the painter Pierre Bonnard, with whom she shares her life between 1893 and 1942. After Pierre’s death, their love story will spark a sensational court case with various twists. Because the orphan that  Marthe de Méligny claimed to be had in fact a family and a different identity.

"A captivating investigation" Le Parisien

Bernard Chambaz : A tombeau ouvert / At Breakneck Speed


Where were you on May 1st, 1994? Who can forget the dust-filled air, the flying car debris, the silenced commentators? Ayrton Senna left the race track at 260 km / h before hitting a wall of the Imola circuit. Bernard Chambaz brings to life this modern tragedy of a new Achilles, full of fury and tears. An impressive novel which holds up a mirror to the world of car racing. Speed expressed as a work of art.

Ollivier Pourriol : Une fille et un flingue / A Girl And A Gun


Aliocha, Dimitri, two brothers, one desire: to make a film. These penniless rascals come out of nowhere. So they follow their master’s adage: “A film is a hold-up.” Their film will be a gamble, screened at the Cannes Film Festival, starring the grand Catherine D. and Gerard D. Stolen identities, missed meetings, tables turned, this novel recounts the sweet madness which reinvents the break-in of the century with every reel.


Cédric Gras : Anthracite / Hard Coal  Debut novel!


Vladen is an orchestra conductor at the Donetsk Opera. After daringly playing the Ukrainian national hymn, he is hunted down by the separatists and forced to flee with his childhood friend Emile. Among the civil war and the hard coal mines, the two friends travel across their motherland, the coal mining region of Donbass, in a tragicomic road trip. A contemporary epic.  


Solange Bied-Charreton : Les visages pâles / The Pale Faces



When the grandfather passes away, the dismantled family doesn’t have the choice but to reunite in the family home and in a common daydream. A radioscopy of the French society, thanks to the three protagonists: Hortense, the thirty-year auto-entrepreneur; Lucile the melancholic, and Alexander engaged in the “Manif for all” demonstration. A great contemporary novel, a social satire in which resonate humor, tragedy and emotion.


Arnaud Sagnard : Bronson  Debut novel!


“I went to Pennsylvania where, as a teenager during the Great Depression he was drilling in a coal mine to earn his family’s living, and all the way to Hollywood where he became the highest-paid actor in the world and ended his life secluded in a palace.”
Charles Bronson. The eternal Indian, the tough guy. He has everything, magnificence, charm, even violence. In the shadow of the highly acclaimed actor emerges the narrator’s, drawing a parallel between both their fates.



Sébastien Berlendis : Maures


"These images of a youth in the sun continue to shape my desires and my imagination. I construct myself in warm breezes, the blue horizon, sea salt." 
Between light and shadow, Maures is an immersion in adolescence in a pine forest by the seaside where the narrator used to spend his holidays in the mid-eighties. Sébastien Berlendis’s impressionist writing tells the vertigo of sensations, the discovery of the female body, and the anguish of future losses.


This year, the authors took it in turn to give a snapshot presentation of their books, if you’d like to play the video please click on the image below: