Petits arrangements avec nos coeurs

Petits arrangements avec nos coeurs
Petits arrangements avec nos coeurs
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La Bleue


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Sixteen-year-old Camille is a shy, solitary teenager. When she meets Stanislas, nicknamed Fringe-face, she is transformed into a seductive and cruel young woman.

At twenty-five and now a writer, Camille decides to trace her first love whom she has turned into a character in her novels. At first wary, the man who is now the youngest ever manager of the fifth biggest bank on Wall Street eventually gives in.

Blissfully in love, Camille and Stanislas set up home in London, in the heart of the City, living it up in the latest venues, spending without counting the cost… and growing bored.

As a final spree, they undertake a trans-continental trip of the United States. Four thousand miles of guilt and lies, alcohol and shallowness. Each stage of the journey pulls them further apart; the closer they come to their goal, the more they lose sight of each other. And yet they were once so in love.

In this novel about a particular generation in a particular social class, Camille de Peretti is disconcertingly frank in her exploration of what it means to love, from thunderbolt to betrayal. She shines a ruthless light on our weakness and on the private arrangements we make with our own hearts.


Camille de Peretti is the author of Thornytorinx (Belfond, 2005; winner of the Chambéry first novel prize), Nous sommes cruels (Stock, 2006), Nous vieillirons ensemble (Stock, 2008) and La Casati (Stock, 2011).

À vingt-cinq ans, devenue écrivain, Camille décide de retrouver son premier amour, dont elle a fait l’un des personnages de ses romans. D’abord méfiant, celui qui est désormais le plus jeune manager de la cinquième banque de Wall Street finit par succomber. Amoureux fous, Camille et Stanislas s’installent à Londres, au coeur de la City, fréquentent les endroits branchés, dépensent sans compter… puis s’ennuient. Comme un dernier sursaut, ils entreprennent une traversée des États-Unis. Six mille kilomètres de culpabilité, de mensonges, d’alcool et de vanités. Chaque étape du voyage les éloigne davantage ; plus ils approchent du but, plus ils se perdent. Et pourtant, ils se sont tant aimés.

234 pages
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135 x 215 mm
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