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La Bleue
Solange Bied-Charreton
When Raoul Estienne passes away, in La Banèra, his home in Gers, at the end of a long industrial life, his three grandchildren take to the road. When they bury the old man, they bury their childhood. The house is too big and too empty for their father Jean-Michel, who would really prefer to dispose of it. For them this will be yet more salt in a bitter wound soured each day by French society.

By January 2013 Hortense, the eldest, a determined thirty-something, has launched a start-up company, Clean and Co, which is booming. Everything seems neat and tidy in her life, whilst her sister Lucile, with both the name and the melancholic nature of a feeble flame, plies her trade as a graphic designer in one of the postmodern towers of La Défense. Alexandre, on the other hand, is pushed into the Manif’ pour tous movement, possibly under the influence of his mother, perhaps of his flat-mate, or even by his own uncertainties.

When the unrest degenerates, when Lucile falls in love with Charles, this fascinating and perturbing man and when finally chaos seizes Hortense’s life, the novel turns on its head. We discover at this point a cruel but fair perspective from which both the harsh present time and the past that produced it stand out. Both inspire in our three protagonists an inextricable blend of nostalgia and denial.  All ties are cast off. The three siblings are left with only one right, to gather together in the family home in a common reverie.

Solange Bied-Charreton is the author of two novels, Enjoy and Nous sommes jeunes et fiers, both published by Stock.
Quand Raoul Estienne s’éteint au soir d’une vie d’industriel, ses trois petits-enfants prennent la route. Ils enterrent un vieil homme, ils enterrent leur enfance. La demeure familiale est trop grande, trop vide, trop muette pour leur père Jean-Michel qui voudrait bien s’en débarrasser. Ce serait pour eux un ultime coup dans une plaie que la société française acidifie chaque jour davantage. 
Nous sommes en janvier 2013, Hortense, la trentaine décidée, a fondé une start-up, Clean and co, qui cartonne. Sa soeur Lucile traîne ses talents de graphiste solitaire dans l’une des tours postmodernes de La Défense. Alexandre, lui, est poussé dans le mouvement de La Manif pour Tous.Lorsque les agitations dégénèrent, lorsque Lucile tombe amoureuse de Charles, lorsque enfin le désordre s’empare de l’existence d’Hortense, tout bascule. 
Un grand roman contemporain, une satire sociale où résonnent humour, tragédie et émotion.
392 pages
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135 x 215 mm
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Solange Bied-Charreton

Journaliste et écrivain, Solange Bied-Charreton a publié trois romans aux éditions Stock : Enjoy (2012), Nous sommes jeunes et fiers (2014) et Les Visages pâles (2016)....