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La Bleue
By Jean-Louis Fournier

Lying on the table for his own autopsy, Jean-Louis Fournier keeps prodding exactly where it hurts and where it makes you laugh… dark.
Jean-Louis Fournier is playing dead on an autopsy table. He can’t go on hiding behind his father, his children, his lovers, his mother, as he has in previous books. He’s going to let us see what’s going on inside his head, his heart and his stomach. Why the decision to describe his autopsy? Even among the dead, he’s not keen to be like everyone else. To spare us a litany of faded memories. To chuckle at his own human quirks. And most importantly to reconcile himself with his contradictory feelings. His pride and his humility. His indifference and his sensitivity. His tenderness dressed up as harshness. His poetry and his cruelty. Jean-Louis Fournier is interested in human nature. His worst offence would be suddenly becoming endearing as a result…

Jean-Louis Fournier published a serie of personal works at Stock, most of which have been critical and public successes: Il a jamais tué personne, mon papa, Où on va papa ? (prix Femina 2008), Poète et paysan (2009), Veuf (2011), La Servante du Seigneur (2013), Ma mère du Nord(2015).
"Je suis mort. 
C'est pas le pire qui pouvait m'arriver."

Jean-Louis Fournier s'est fait autopsier par la charmante Egoïne pour qu'on sache ce qu'il avait dans la tête, dans le coeur et dans le ventre.
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135 x 215 mm
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Jean-Louis Fournier

Jean-Louis Fournier est l’auteur chez Stock d’une série de récits personnels dont la plupart ont connu un grand succès critique et public : Il a jamais tué personne, mon papa, Où on va papa ? (prix Femina 2008), Po...


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Jean-Louis Fournier
19 Mai 2018
Guéthary, Les belles pages de Guéthary