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La Bleue

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“She has no choice, she has to go. In Santa Cruz, everything is closed, nothing moves, not money or people, even fruit rots on the trees. Women leave one after another, heading further and further away. How do you find work or accommodation when you know no one? Nor the language, the streets, the food or the rules?”
Azul was born in Bolivia in 1967, among the Andean Indians who speak Quechua, born to a poor family with warm hearts, with eight brothers and sisters. Brown-eyed, yellow-skinned Azul with her plastic sandals was born in a natural paradise, in Chuqui-Chuqui, where the fruit and flowers, colours and tastes flourish within reach of pilfering hands. But can you keep everything from your childhood? Azul is an economic migrant, leaving behind her husband and children, her language and Indian robes, her rites and prayers, only to find “rich” Europe is cold and selfish. The stony roads and icy waters of the Rio Chico are far better than the high-speed Métro line from Ris-Orangis to Paris.

Does Azul have a choice? And how can she show the rich owners, her bosses, what they don’t see of the world?
Colombe Schneck has had two novels published by Stock, L’Increvable Monsieur Schneck and Val de Grâce, and one by Grasset, La Réparation (translated into several languages), as well as a biographical essay, Dix-sept ans.

« Elle n’a pas le choix, elle doit partir. À Santa Cruz, tout est fermé, plus rien ne circule, l’argent, les gens, même les fruits pourrissent sur les arbres. Les femmes partent les unes après les autres, de plus en plus loin. Comment trouver du travail, un logement, quand on ne connaît personne ? Ni la langue, ni les rues, ni ce qu’on mange, ni les règles ? »

Née en Bolivie dans une famille indigène, Azul a grandi dans un paradis où les fruits, les fleurs, les couleurs, les goûts prospéraient. Immigrée économique, laissant mari et enfants, langue et robes indiennes, rites et prières, elle va découvrir l’Europe et ses riches propriétaires. Comment montrer à ses patronnes ce que leurs yeux ne voient pas du monde ? Comment conserver la bonté reçue dans l’enfance ?

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Colombe Schneck

Écrivaine, Colombe Schneck a notamment publié chez Stock, L’increvable Monsieur Schneck (2006), Val de Grâce (2008) et Nuits d’été à Brooklyn (2020), et, aux é...