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This series of conversations with Avital Ronell, gives the French public an opportunity to discover an exceptional figure of the new American philosophy. Ronell has been compared to Judith Butler, who is a contemporary and a friend of hers; she was also a disciple and a close friend of Derrida’s who was one of her colleagues when he taught in the United States. Ronell is a political activist and a controversial figure; she is not afraid to shock and works at subverting traditional modes of thinking, treading on forbidden territories subject to censorship. Following in the foot steps of German philosophers and French ‘deconstructionists’, her favoured fields of study include stupidity, addiction and the passion for competition and tests.
In this book, she talks openly about her struggles and her findings, and evokes some of the burning issues of modernity. She also recounts her childhood in Prague and Vienna, the war and the emigration of her family to the States where they lived in poverty, and her brilliant academic career. Throughout the conversations, Ronell shares with the reader the intensity and depth of her life passion for philosophy.

Avital Ronell is chair of German Literature at New York University. She was born in Prague and studied at the Institute of Hermeneutic studies in Berlin where she was Jacob Taubes’ student. She gained her PhD from Princeton before joining Derrida’s classes in Paris. She was professor of comparative literature at Berkeley for several years before she settled in New York where she started a series of seminars of deconstructionist analysis on a variety of subjects including the Golf war, AIDS, music, addictions and stupidity. Avital Ronell is amongst the most fascinating and discussed philosopher in the United States today.

Ces entretiens avec Avital Ronell sont destinés à faire découvrir en France une figure tout à fait exceptionnelle de la nouvelle philosophie américaine. Comparée à Judith Butler (publiée chez La Découverte) dont elle est l'amie et la contemporaine, Avital Ronell, disciple et amie proche de Derrida avec qui elle enseignait aux États-Unis, a toujours suscité les passions. Engagée politiquement, elle aime choquer, déplacer les champs de pensée traditionnels, faire surgir des problématiques censurées ou interdites. Ses territoires de prédilection sont : la bêtise, l'addiction, la passion de l'épreuve ou du test, dans le sillage de la philosophie germanique et de la déconstruction française. Dans ce livre, elle parle à découvert de ses luttes, de ses trouvailles, des questions les plus brûlantes de la modernité, mais elle évoque aussi son enfance à Prague puis à Vienne, l'émigration de sa famille aux États-Unis pendant la guerre, la pauvreté, son parcours universitaire brillant, et nous fait partager une passion philosophique à l'état pur.
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Avital Ronell

Avital Ronell est professeur de philosophie et de littérature comparée (anglaise/allemande) à l’université de New York (NYU), elle dirige également la chaire d’études germaniques. Elle est l’auteur, notamment pour les traductions françaises de Stupidity (Stock, 2007...