Histoires plastiques

Histoires plastiques
Histoires plastiques
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Deep inside the world of cosmetic surgery as if you were there!
Isabelle Sarfati is a plastic surgeon, she lifts breasts, erases wrinkles, firms tummies, sucks fat from cellulite-heavy thighs and reinjects it into undersized breasts. She operates on men and women, young and old, rich and poor, the ugly and the beautiful. She herself has breast implants, has had her chin and eyelids “done”, she’s had a facelift, liposuction…
Her consulting room plays host to a nudist furious about her breast reconstruction, a professional poker player who wants four testicles because he believes it will bring him luck, a transsexual who has kept her moustache, a fuller-figured woman thrilled with her facelift, a gorgeous one who wants to be even more perfect, a little boy who longs to have his nose remodelled, a woman who wants to get rid of her breasts, another who wants much bigger ones and buttocks too while she’s at it… Isabelle Sarfati tries to do something for each of them, and not necessarily with a scalpel.
Her book reflects our world. It combines clinical cases with the journal of her last operation as a patient, which she discusses very frankly and with a good dose of humour. She doesn’t spare us the failures, pain or excesses of her gossip-fuelling job. She tells us everything people ask of plastic surgeons, what they get (and at what price). Above all, she tells some wonderful stories of transformations, reparations and personal reconciliations.
This unique book also reveals a surgeon of the superficial who goes far deeper than might at first appear because she touches the visible but heals the private, responding to the demands and extravagances of our times as well as its most secret desires. She proves as transgressive as she can be prescriptive as she breaks taboos and furthers science…
Isabelle Sarfati est chirurgienne plastique, elle opère des femmes et des hommes, des jeunes et des vieux, des moches et des beaux. Se succèdent dans son cabinet une nudiste furieuse de sa reconstruction mammaire, un joueur de poker
professionnel qui a choisi d’avoir quatre testicules pour lui porter chance, une femme qui ne veut plus de seins, une autre qui en veut plus et plus de fesses aussi pendant qu’on y est… À chacun, l’auteur tente de répondre, pas forcément
avec un bistouri. Elle n’élude rien des ratages, douleurs, outrances de son sulfureux métier mais raconte surtout des histoires de transformation, de réparation, de réconciliation personnelle drôles, tragiques, humaines.
Isabelle Sarfati, également adepte de la chirurgie pour elle-même, nous livre aussi le journal de sa dernière opération en tant que patiente avec sincérité et humour.
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Isabelle Sarfati

Isabelle Sarfati exerce à Paris depuis une trentaine d’années. Histoires plastiques est son premier livre...