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“The Internet isn’t an addition to the world as we know it. But a replacement of it. The Internet has now started a phase of substituting our economic systems […]. The great recession we’ve experienced in the last five years will seem modest in comparison to the cataclysm to come. The Internet is siphoning away our jobs, our personal information, our private lives and our intellectual property. We will live through this upheaval which will bring an end to our current social and economic model. Is there an alternative? Yes.”

Taking this disturbing theory as his starting point, the author  sheds light on the role of powerful, invasive databases that he calls résogiciels. They accumulate and exploit vast amounts of data about users, therefore providing one of the most effective and reliable tools for predicting behaviours and trends. Individuals are merely “data cattle”. As most of these résogiciels are American, the whole world is freely surrendering its economic and political freedom to the United States. 

Pierre Bellanger puts forward a variety of solutions to re-establish our digital sovereignty.


Born in Boulogne in 1958, and a pioneer of independent radio in the late 1970s, Pierre Bellanger went on to become a media and internet entrepreneur. He founded and is currently CEO of Skyrock, and is the leading social network for blogs in France. His first internet service company was set up in 1994 in collaboration with France Télécom.

« La mondialisation a dévasté nos classes populaires.
L’Internet va dévorer nos classes moyennes.

La grande dépression que nous connaissons depuis cinq ans
n’est qu’un modeste épisode en comparaison du cataclysme qui s’annonce.
La France et l’Europe n’ont aucune maîtrise sur cette révolution.
L’Internet et ses services sont contrôlés par les Américains.
L’Internet siphonne nos emplois, nos données, nos vies privées, notre propriété
intellectuelle, notre prospérité, notre fiscalité, notre souveraineté.

Nous allons donc subir ce bouleversement qui mettra un terme
à notre modèle social et économique.

Y a-t-il pour nous une alternative ?

L’ambition de ce travail est de nous en donner la chance. »

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Pierre Bellanger

Pierre Bellanger est le fondateur et président de Skyrock.
Entrepreneur et expert d’Internet, il est à l’origine de, premier réseau social français.