La mer monte
La mer monte
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2042. Following a cataclysmic climate event, Paris has been transformed by ecological change. A woman investigates her mother’s past loves.
Lisa lives alone in a connected apartment in Paris. The cicadas’ chirping outside is as overpowering as the heat; drones dart between buildings, spying on people; and virtual beings speak to pedestrians in the street. Lisa participates in projects that are transforming the country but struggles to believe in this new world which is both bizarre and oppressive. The only person she confides in is her neighbour Liam who works on developing microchips and connected homes. As for her mother Laure, new technologies provide her with remedies for her anxiety and loneliness.
Lisa’s childhood was spent with a frequently absent and demented Laure who conscientiously kept a diary. The child, who secretly read it, found out about a painful period for her mother: during the 90s her boyfriend suddenly vanished without a word in the middle of one summer. Laure never saw him again, and Lisa still wonders about this. Her family has always stayed silent about this abandonment and the upheavals it caused. What was really being hidden from her? She decides to investigate.
Aude Le Corff
has written two previous novels published by Stock, both translated into German.
Lisa vit seule à Paris dans un appartement connecté. Dehors, le chant des cigales est aussi accablant que la chaleur, les drones filent entre les immeubles et surveillent les habitants, des créatures virtuelles parlent aux piétons. Nous sommes en 2042. Des catastrophes naturelles ont frappé le monde, forçant les dirigeants à entamer une transition écologique radicale. La jeune femme participe à cette nouvelle société mais aspire à plus de liberté. Quant à Laure, sa mère, elle cherche des remèdes à son anxiété. Depuis l’enfance, Lisa s’interroge. Quel évènement a bouleversé sa mère dans les années 90 ? Pourquoi un tel silence autour ? Le journal de Laure et l’enquête de Lisa en dévoileront peu à peu les clés.
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