Appelez-moi Lorca Horowitz

Appelez-moi Lorca Horowitz
Appelez-moi Lorca Horowitz
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La Bleue

“When Rocío Perales and her husband took on Lorca Horowitz at their firm of architects in Carmona in the early 2000s, they would never have guessed that this awkward, overweight secretary would end up ruining their lives. Dreaming she was rich and beautiful, and imitating her boss’s wife down to the tiniest detail, she siphoned off her boss’s money to lead a completely different life.
Why did this minor news story that I chanced across in a magazine grab my attention? Was it because of this strange secretary’s name and personality? The way she took another woman’s place? Or because this all happened in Andalucia where I lived and loved and even had a child?
Besides my son, I have nothing from that period of my life. The woman I was then is incomprehensible to me now and that’s mind-blowing.
I didn’t know but I had to investigate. That’s why I set off in search of Lorca Horowitz.”
Anne Plantagenet is the author of several novels, including Trois jours à Oran published by Stock; of biographies (Marilyn Monroe, Folio biographies, 2007; Manolete, le calife foudroyé, Au Diable Vauvert, 2010);  and short stories (Pour les siècles des siècles, Stock, 2008); she is also a prolific translator of novels from Spain and South America.
« Je voulais comprendre comment Lorca Horowitz avait mis en place son plan d’anéantissement sans éveiller le moindre soupçon, et avait osé monter une à une, sans jamais reculer ni même hésiter, les marches qui la menaient droit à son crime. Je voulais comprendre pourquoi elle l’avait fait. Mais surtout en quoi cela me concernait, me touchait. Qu’avais-je à voir là-dedans ? »
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