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La Bleue

Rights sold to Germany (Wagenbach), Slovakia (Inaque) and Spain (Grijalbo)

She has already been judged and sentenced: Bilqiss will be stoned. So why this never-ending farce of a trial? Everyone thinks she is guilty, she has denied nothing. She loves poetry, reading and music, she likes cooking and choosing vegetables, she puts on make-up and wears pretty underwear beneath her burqa. And plenty of other things that these men don’t know. She even adds a few when she is given the right to speak in her defence, she blasphemes and demonstrates a freedom of thought that needs muzzling once and for all.

But the judge can’t reach a final verdict. Something is stopping him. The defendant’s fanciful ideas perhaps?

With this book Saphia Azzeddine brings us the eternal story of life under Islamic law. She allows us to hear very different voices: the defendant, the judges and the young American woman reporting on the case who thinks she can change people’s mindsets because she’s a westerner. Azzeddine highlights the paradoxes between sacred texts and current law, and of an impossible love between a fundamentalist judge and the woman he must sentence.

Saphia Azzeddine was born in 1979, and her most acclaimed books to date include Confidences à Allah (Léo Sheer, 2008) and Combien veux-tu m’épouser? (Grasset, 2013).

« Vous priez encore Dieu ?

– Bien sûr. Pourquoi ne le ferais-je pas ?
– Eh bien, il me semble qu’Il vous a abandonnée ces derniers temps.
– Allah ne m’a jamais abandonnée, c’est nous qui L’avons semé. »

Bilqiss est l’héroïne de ce roman : c’est une femme indocile dans un pays où il vaut mieux être n’importe quoi d’autre et si possible un volatile. On l’a jugée, on l’a condamnée, on va la lapider. Qui lui lancera la première pierre ? Qui du juge au désir enfoui ou de la reporter américaine aux belles intentions lui ôtera la vie ? Le roman puissant de Saphia Azzeddine est l’histoire d’une femme, frondeuse et libre, qui se réapproprie Allah.

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Saphia Azzeddine

Saphia Azzeddine, née en 1979, est l’auteur, entre autres, des remarqués Confidences à Allah (Léo Sheer, 2008) et Combien veux-tu m’épouser ? (Grasset, 2013). Elle a publi...