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La Bleue
“As a diabolically fine observer, and with witty, sparkling dialogues, Véronique Poulain paints a chiseled portrait of contemporary urban women.” L’Express
A delightful read Marie-Claire
“I’m THE bachelor in my family. The one who never does anything like anyone else. The one who persuades herself anything is possible. The one who always goes to family reunions alone. The one whose confirmed bachelordom is universally acknowledged. I fit the part I’ve been given. I even enjoy it. I sometimes wonder whether I’m deliberately messing up all my relationships to please my family, to make sure they’re right… Let’s recapitulate: I’ve just been made redundant, I’ve been on my own for two years, a single mother to my two children, and the love of my life still hasn’t come knocking at my door. Either I have a nervous breakdown right now or I tell myself I’m at a turning point in my life and I need to negotiate this corner intelligently.”
On the eve of turning fifty Vanessa Poulemploi, must face a threefold challenge: finding love, earning a living and… getting married. The problem is – despite the advice of her best friends and the weekly sessions with her psychiatrist – she has absolutely no idea how to go about it. Well, when we realise that she has a very noisy cough, pulls her trousers up every two seconds, twists her ankles in anything over 3” heels, eats way too much cold meat, garlic and camembert, and tells her whole life story to anyone who will listen, then we know it won’t be easy. And yet, despite her alarming love-sex prospects, she will overcome all the obstacles to give us an ending that is, to say the least, unexpected…
Véronique Poulain has one previous book published by Stock, the highly acclaimed memoir Les mots qu’on ne me dit pas about her childhood as the daughter of deaf parents, which was translated into seven languages. Confirmed Bachelor Girl is her first novel.
À la veille de ses cinquante ans, Vanessa Poulemploi, la bien nommée, va devoir relever un triple défi : trouver du travail, un sens à sa vie et... se marier. Autant vous dire que ce n’est pas gagné.
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Véronique Poulain

Véronique Poulain est l’auteur chez Stock d’un récit très remarqué, Les mots qu’on ne me dit pas, sur son enfance et son adolescence entre deux parents sourds. Célibataire longue...