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Any similarity to actual persons or events is entirely intentional!  
A mercilessly funny satire on contemporary society by the multi-award-winning author of Grey Souls.
A man posts naked pictures of his wife on the internet and offers her for auction. Another admits to a colleague he’s haunted by a strange affliction: his penis has disappeared…
These are just two of the anecdotes Philippe Claudel tells us because he’s “convinced there are situations when literature should turn itself into sandpaper to give our brains a good rub down: it hurts a little at first, but it tickles too.”
“In Inhumans I tried to put on a red nose, to exaggerate something real to get to the element of atrocity within it. In doing this I hoped to temper the cruelty in our society by bringing out its grotesqueness so we could laugh at it, and also perhaps contribute to improving it, although I don’t have many illusions in that respect: let’s not be too ambitious (…) Inhumans is inspired by real facts. Any similarity to actual persons or events is entirely intentional. I just exaggerated a little. Hardly at all. And my only aim is to make people laugh, even uncomfortably, at our own expense – starting with mine”.        
Philippe Claudel is a writer and a film director. He is the author of Grey Souls (Les Ames grises, winner of the 2003 Prix Renaudot and translated in more than 30 countries), Monsieur Linh and His child (La Petite Fille de Monsieur Linh, Stock 2005), Brodeck’s Report (Le Rapport de Brodeck, winner of the 2007 Goncourt des lycéens) and L’Enquête (Stock, 2010). He has directed four feature films, notably I’ve Loved You so Long (Il y a longtemps que je t’aime) with Elsa Zylberstein and Kristin Scott Thomas, which won two César awards.
Nous sommes devenus des monstres.
On pourrait s’en affliger.
Mieux vaut en rire.
176 pages
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137 x 215 mm
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Philippe Claudel

Écrivain traduit dans le monde entier, Philippe Claudel est aussi cinéaste et dramaturge. Il a notamment publié aux éditions Stock, Les Âmes grises, La Petite Fille de Monsieur Linh, Le...