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La Bleue

A few days after Christmas, when Sébastien hears his father has died, he goes home to Italy with his wife and children, and passes on the news to Marie who has been his best friend since high school and comes to see him in his family home. But darkness falls, the house empties and Sébastien’s family are afraid to leave the body all alone. Sébastien offers to keep the vigil and, unable to fail in her duty as a friend, Marie stays with him.
So starts a long funeral vigil for the two friends who have not seen each much other the last few years. At first awkward and hesitant, they gradually rediscover each other in the candlelight by the body of the man who saw their friendship blossom, a man who is taking a slice of their adolescence away with him, someone they admired and who did not disclose all his secrets...
A night of high emotion, full of twists and turns, confidences, admission, laughter and tears, and during which Sébastien and Marie will end up wondering how they became who they are and which parental role models they have followed.
Who are their parents? Have they been told everything? And have they told each other everything?
Virginie Carton was born in Lille in 1972. The Vigil is her third novel after Des amours dérisoires (Grasset, 2012) and La Blancheur qu’on croyait éternelle (Stock, 2014).  
« C’était si étrange, si inattendu, de se retrouver soudain tous les deux seuls après des années d’éloignement, sans conjoints, sans enfants. Juste une maison vide et un mort à veiller. »
La mort d’un père qui n’a pas livré tous ses secrets.
Deux amis d’enfance pour le veiller.
Marie et Sébastien ont une nuit pour découvrir la vérité.
Et peut-être, enfin, se la dire. Entre rires et larmes, un roman plein de tendresse et d’aveux
Un roman d’amitié.
224 pages
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135 x 215 mm
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Virginie Carton

Virginie Carton vit à Lille. La veillée est son troisième roman après Des amours dérisoires (Grasset, 2012) et La blancheur qu’on croyait éternelle (Stock, 2014)...