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La Bleue

In his comfortable funeral chamber, Jean-Robert Carouge waits for the visit of his family and friends. He knows his wife will not come. She drew their conjugal life to a close long ago, and took the children with her. Christa and Jean have grown up, drifting away from their father - this soft, ineffective man as he describes himself. Yet he hopes they will come for a last good-bye.
Jean-Robert died suddenly, hit by a bus as he was leaving the Britannia hotel where he worked as a night guard. To kill time, he wrote novels that he then read to Sophie, the hotel receptionist.
Today, Jean-Robert is convinced that life is a farce, operated by a sick mind.
What is left of an ordinary existence? A few relationships and a handful of friends and the persistent memory of a languorous dance and a failed love story… Le veilleur du Britannia is a tender yet caustic tale, a humorous and inventive reflection on eternity that blends farce with pain in its account of its characters’ banal and solitary lives.

Philippe Routier was born in 1958 in Germany. He lives in Paris since 1974. In 1983 he became an employee of the SNCF (National Railway) where he performed a multiplicity of jobs. He is now editor of the SNCF newsletter, and is the author of the celebrated Passage à niveau, a first novel that he published with Stock in 2006.

Confortablement installé dans sa chambre funéraire, Jean-Robert Carouge attend la visite de ses proches. Il sait que sa femme ne viendra pas. Depuis longtemps elle a mis fin à leur aventure conjugale, en emmenant les enfants. Devenus adultes, Christa et Jean se sont éloignés de leur père, ce type doux et nul, comme il se décrit lui-même, mais il espère qu’ils se déplaceront pour un dernier adieu. 
Jean-Robert est mort brutalement, renversé par un autobus alors qu’il sortait de l’hôtel Britannia où il était veilleur de nuit. Pour se distraire, il écrivait des romans qu’il lisait à Sophie, la réceptionniste. 
Aujourd’hui, Jean-Robert est convaincu que la vie est une farce montée par un esprit malade. 
Que reste-t-il d’une existence ordinaire ? Quelques relations et peu d’amis, le souvenir entêtant d’une danse langoureuse et d’un amour qu’on n’a pas su vivre.
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Philippe Routier

Philippe Routier est l’auteur de quatre romans, parus chez Stock : Le Passage à niveau (2006), Le Veilleur du Britannia (2008), Pour une vie plus douce (2009) et Noces de verre (2011).