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“Palladium is a factual novel, it’s my story. The story of a man who, in the space of a few days and for no obvious reason, ends up paralysed from head to toe, unable to move a single muscle, robbed of all his senses and any means of communication with the outside world.
Then began a journey through the furthest reaches of human existence, territories ruled over by fear, violence, death, pain and sex… because illness is like stepping through the looking glass, a gateway to other worlds, a place of prostitutes and demons, of men living like vegetables with bodies like birds, of nurses and firework makers thrown together in a whirlwind of hate and debauchery. A manic, terrifying world: my world.
Palladium is my account of this crossing, an expedition to the land of the dead and through the subconscious. Palladium delves into the very roots of pain and literature, to a place where our life force itself is huddled alongside the myriad different stories it has to tell."

Boris Razon


Boris Razon is 37. He studied history before embarking on a career in journalism. He was editor of for ten years. He now runs the new writings and mixed media services for France Télévision, and teaches at the School of Journalism at Sciences-Po, France’s top university for social sciences.

« Tu sais, je n’arrive pas à comprendre où et quand commençait la réalité, ce sarcophage où je suis enfermé, les résultats médicaux, le rien de ma vie. Et cet autre monde, ces autres mondes où je vivais. J’étais plongé dans des nuits multiples, comme des labyrinthes d’où je devais m’extraire. Je devais trouver la sortie. 
Je la savais en moi, quelque part. »
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Boris Razon

Boris Razon est journaliste et écrivain. Spécialiste des médias numériques, il a été rédacteur en chef du, directeur des nouvelles écritures de France Télévisions et...