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La Bleue
Bernard Chambaz
Where were you on the first of May 1994?
Who can forget the dust-filled air, the flying car debris, the silenced commentators?
Ayrton Senna came off the track at 160 miles an hour before crashing into a wall at the Imola circuit.
Two billion people saw his death either live or recorded. Two billion more saw his spectacular Sao Paulo funeral.
Bernard Chambaz makes us relive this modern never-to-be-forgotten tragedy. Senna is a modern Achilles, filled with fury and tears. We follow the story of his youth, his passion, his ambition to be the fastest.
If Senna lived his life in search of the absolute and as a pact with glory, he did not distance himself from his family, nor from the women who loved him and whom he loved. We also recall other lives such as those of Juan-Manuel Fangio and Jules Bianchi. And we understand why, for him, life was a “perpetual wonder”.
A magnificent text about disappearance and also a very personal account, given that the author was affected by two other car crashes:  one that cost his son Martin his life and the other in which his wife was injured.
An impressive novel which holds up a mirror to world of the car racing. Speed expressed as a work of art.

Bernard Chambaz is a novelist, a poet, a historian. In particular, in 1993 he received the Goncourt prize for a debut novel, L'Arbre de vies (F. Bourin), and in 2014 the Jouvenel prize from the Académie Française and the Grand Prix for sporting literature for Dernières nouvelles du martin-pêcheur (Flammarion).
Où étiez-vous le 1er mai 1994 ?
Qui a oublié les débris de voiture qui volent, le pneu qui plane à une altitude invraisemblable et semble ne jamais vouloir retomber, les voix des commentateurs de télévision qui se taisent ? Ayrton Senna est sorti de la piste à 260 km/h, avant de percuter un mur sur le circuit d’Imola.
Bernard Chambaz nous fait revivre cette tragédie moderne d’un nouvel Achille, débordant de fureur et de larmes. Senna, c’est à la fois notre histoire et le reflet d’une époque où la vitesse n’efface pas encore les souvenirs.
216 pages
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135 x 215 mm
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Bernard Chambaz

Romancier, poète, historien, Bernard Chambaz a notamment reçu le prix Goncourt du premier roman en 1993 pour L’Arbre de vies (F. Bourin), le prix Jouvenel de l’Académie française et le Grand prix de...