Les arbres voyagent la nuit

Les arbres voyagent la nuit
Les arbres voyagent la nuit
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La Framboise


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Ever since her mother left on a sudden impulse, Manon has taken refuge in books and her own rituals while her father has descended into depression. Anatole, a disillusioned retired teacher, lives in the same building. He sees the child in the garden every day after school. She sits under a silver birch and talks to the cats and ants when she doesn’t have her nose in a book. He is touched by her and eventually emerges from his solitude to take her under his wing.
Manon’s aunt Sophie made radical changes to her life a year earlier and still finds it difficult facing up to other people, but she tries to get the measure of the taciturn old man who has managed to communicate with her niece.
During the course of a road trip through France, Spain and Morocco in search of Manon’s mother, all four characters succeed in getting to know each other and seeing beyond their differences. Strong links are forged between them, revealing their stories and their vulnerabilities. 

The author uses melancholy, humour and poetry to take us into the world of these endearing characters in search of love and a meaning to their lives.

Aude Le Corff is 36 and has three children. She holds a diploma in management and psychology and worked in industry and then in patient support before devoting herself to writing. Her diary blogs were awarded a prize by French Elle magazine in 2009. Trees Travel by Night is her first novel. She lives in Nantes.


Un professeur de français à la retraite est intrigué par une fillette qui habite son immeuble. Chaque soir, après l’école, Manon se réfugie dans le jardin. Assise sous le bouleau, elle parle aux chats et aux fourmis, quand elle n’est pas plongée dans un livre. Depuis quelques mois, sa mère semble avoir disparu. 
Brisant la routine et sa solitude, Anatole finit par l’approcher. C’est autour de la lecture du Petit Prince qu’ils échangent leurs premières confidences. 
En côtoyant Manon, le vieil homme va rencontrer d’autres voisins : Sophie, une femme singulière qui le met mal à l’aise, et Pierre, le père de la fillette. C’est tous ensemble qu’ils entreprendront un voyage inattendu jusqu’au Maroc.
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135 x 215 mm
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Aude Le Corff

Le Corff
Aude Le Corff a travaillé en entreprise puis dans l’accompagnement humain avant de se consacrer à l’écriture. Ses chroniques de blog ont été primées par la rédaction du magazine Elle...
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